Post Pennsic Ruminations


A flag in the Pennsic evening sky.

I keep a journal during Pennsic. For every Pennsic I’ve gone to I have at least five entries. Most of the time I write them and don’t really come back to them until I’m trying to find something else in  my notebook.  I was cleaning out my computer cabinet today and came across my old notebooks. I managed to find four Pennsic’s worth of entries. As I read through them I noticed how consistently happy I am at Pennsic.


There is hardly an entry that doesn’t have a mention of meeting someone new (many of whom I still know today), learning something new, or trying something new. There is also the inevitable end of Pennsic entry. Over all, the thing I notice the most through my writings is that the pace of life at Pennsic is something that I appreciate more than anything. There’s always an undertone of frantic energy: everyone trying to do ALL the Pennsic things before the  50 week town run but, despite that, there is such a laid back atmosphere that it’s hard to feel rushed. (It makes no sense but I’m not very eloquent when it comes to writing non-fiction.)


         SnowBerg Fighters coming off the field.                                              Pennsic 2015 

Personally I try not to reach for my smart phone and try to disconnect from the mundae world  as much as possible. As a stay at home mom of two Pennsic is my “Mommy Vacation.” The kids go to visit their grandparents and my husband doesn’t play so being on my own for a week is certainly refreshing and I’m sure has a lot to do with it. I’d be willing to leave it there if it was just me.


Often after Pennsic my Facebook news feed and RSS feed are filled with Post-Pennsic odes. We are, as individuals, reluctant to relinquish that magic that is Pennsic.


Ladies from the SnowBerg group.

The cannon reveille, the clank and rumble of fighters in armor and their wagons moving down the road, the smells of all kinds of food from camps and vendors alike, and the riot of colors everywhere you look. It’s odd but I also notice that no matter how busy I am at Pennsic I return refreshed and rested. While I’m certain a large part of it is thanks to both kids being off at Camp Grandma it still never ceases to amaze me.

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