Post Baby Garb

So I know it’s been a while since my last post but I think you can expect many more soon. After having my second baby, a healthy girl, none of my garb fits. Not only that but I need to remake or fix a lot of the stuff I have. It’s a bit aggravating but after child birth your body changes and, well, my garb is now looking like it was made for someone else. In a sense it was I guess.

I started on updating my wardrobe last night by making the first piece of my Persian outfit. I did my research and while striped fabric wasn’t often used in period other than for the lower classes it was what I had on hand. 100% Cotton teal stripe, a fabric I picked up a few years ago as an impulse buy. I figured that I would find a use for it eventually and I was right! I figured that the finished pants would be light weight and comfy enough for both summer and winter events. I followed Rashid’s pattern for 16th century Salwar pants for my first attempt which I’ve put below:

 I followed the instructions with no changes (always a good idea for the first time around) with one exception: I didn’t guess on the measurement for the ankle opening. Instead, I measured around the heel and top of my foot, at the ankle, while my foot was pointed. As if I was putting on pants. Since this pattern works on a fold I simply halved that measurement and drew my diagonal line to there. I also upped the thirteen inch  rise measurement to fifteen since I am taller than the average woman. In the end I don’t think that it was necessary but better to be safe than sorry the first time around! While I did measure in the recommended way, I feel like the pants are a little long. I may shorten the rise on the next pair or modify these if they I find that they’re too long. I need to get some input from someone who makes them on a regular basis.

Today I’ll start working on a kamiz using Rashid’s pattern for a 14th century Kamiz/Pirihan. I’m using slightly thicker material than would be ideal but we’ll see how it goes! I’ll post pictures of the pants soon!

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